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With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Patrice Dagenais goes all out to ensure your satisfaction. Surrounded by a remarkable team that is always eager to learn more, he has created optimal conditions to offer you quality treatments provided by attentive professionals whose sole goal is your well-being. A graduate of the University of Montreal in 1997, Dr. Dagenais has deepened his knowledge year after year to remain at the top of his art.

Firmly believing that the training of the entire team is essential for optimal patient treatment, the whole team continues its desire to excel through multiple trainings in all areas of implantology. Having established a solid team that moves through various sectors of Quebec and Ontario, they offer remarkable availability near you. If you are considering dental implants and hesitating to make your decision, come meet us, we will be happy to do everything we can to advise you... without pressure! So don't wait any longer and treat yourself well!

Cutting-edge technology

Dr. Dagenais and his team always want to give more. To do this, they attend many hours of training each year to stay abreast of the best that is available.

There is no longer a need to convince anyone that computers are an integral part of everyday life. The technology of cell phones is constantly evolving, GPS in cars, talking refrigerators, technology has no limits. It even extends to dental implantology. Imagine! Rest assured, there is no computer that can take the place and clinical experience of Dr. Dagenais. However, with the help of 3D images of your jaw, it is now possible to plan the placement of your implants virtually and prevent several complications before even touching your mouth. This approach allows for a rapid and precise procedure resulting in incomparable aesthetic results.

Dr. Patrice Dagenais' Team
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  • Examination and consultation
  • Aesthetic solutions
  • Dental emergency