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Reshaping Smiles, Removing «Pains»

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About me

My years of experience have shown me that dental implants are the best solution for you.

Prothèse sur implants

Implant-retained dentures

Best treatment possible for replacing one or many missing teeth. Come and meet us to discuss your health.



Subject to credit approval, we can offer you financing for the smile you've always wanted!

Prothèse complète

Complete dentures

This type of dental prosthesis is used to replace all teeth. For greater comfort, our denturists only create semi-precision or precision dentures.

Prothèse partielle

Partial dentures

This type of dental prosthesis is made of metal or acrylic and is used to replace a few teeth only.

Réparation de prothèse

Denture repair

We have a dental laboratory on-site in our clinic. This means we can repair any type of denture in the shortest time possible (about 1 hour). Call us for any emergency!

Francis Migneault D.D.Denturist

There are many reasons why a patient might come to see me. That's why I make sure to take the necessary time to understand them well. Renewing dental prostheses is certainly not an easy decision. I am here to guide and inform you. Making the right choice among all the existing treatments can sometimes become a real puzzle. How to make the right decision? Unfortunately, there are no good or bad choices. Therefore, your decision must be well-considered! It cannot be taken lightly as it will have a direct impact on your future health. My years of practice have allowed me to develop ease in presenting and simplifying the various possible treatment plans. Your oral health is more important than you think.

Since every mouth is unique, our mission is to give it a personalized smile using materials and processes at the cutting edge of technology. Indeed, modern denturism techniques allow us to design durable and comfortable dental prostheses that contribute to your well-being and health.

All the patients to whom I have made dental prostheses on implants tell me: "If I had known it was so painless, I would have done it sooner!" For me, there is no better feeling than that of a job well done! When I design dental prostheses, with or without implant(s), I strive to fully satisfy my patients.

The Importance of Dental Prostheses on Implants

For a very long time, in Quebec, people who lost their teeth were fitted with removable dental prostheses. Even today, many people still use this technology from another era. Impractical, the traditional prostheses (dentures) have many drawbacks.

The advent of dental implants has revolutionized my profession as a denturist and this for the well-being of my patients, even though this new technology required me to go back to school. I had to make sure to learn the exemplary design method to be able to offer my patients dental prostheses worthy of natural dentition. Before, it was very difficult for me to design prostheses as comfortable as those that can now be stabilized with dental implants.

Francis Migneault d.d. - Denturologiste
Dr. Patrice Dagenais - Chirurgien-dentiste

Dr. Patrice DagenaisDental Surgeon

With more than 15 years of experience, Dr. Patrice Dagenais makes every effort to ensure your satisfaction. Surrounded by a remarkable team that continuously strives to learn more, he has created the optimal conditions to offer you quality treatments provided by attentive professionals whose only goal is your well-being. A graduate of the University of Montreal in 1997, Dr. Dagenais has deepened his knowledge year after year to remain at the peak of his profession.

Firmly believing that training is essential for the optimal treatment of patients, the entire team continues its desire to excel through multiple trainings in all areas of implantology. Having established a strong team that travels to various sectors of Quebec and Ontario, Dr. Dagenais offers remarkable availability near you.

Cutting-Edge Technology

There is no longer a need to convince anyone that computers are an integral part of everyday life. Technology knows no bounds: from constantly evolving cell phones to increasingly effective GPS in cars and even talking refrigerators! Technology even extends to dental implantology. Imagine! Rest assured, there is no computer that can take the place and clinical experience of Dr. Dagenais. However, with the help of 3D images of your jaw, it is now possible to virtually plan the placement of your implants and prevent many complications before even touching your mouth. This method allows for a rapid and precise procedure resulting in incomparable aesthetic results.

- dental implantology
- examination and consultation
- aesthetic solutions
- dental emergency

Stone and plaster bin

Used to store the stone and plaster used for making models.

Ultrasonic cleaner

Used for cleaning stained dentures, removing plaster on new dentures and cleaning contaminated instruments.


Sterilizes the instruments that have been used in the mouth. This device is tested every month to ensure correct operation.


Used to remove air bubbles in the stone during casting.

Air gun

Used to remove water from inside impressions before casting.

Model trimmer

Used to trim models to the correct size.

Boil out and curing unit

Used to remove wax from inside moulds. Also used to cure acrylic.


Filters out and removes odours produced by curing materials.

Polishing station

Used for polishing the acrylic.

Polishing station

Used to polish the denture acrylic.

Laboratoire Denturologiste Implants Dentaires

Dental Prostheseson Implants

Buy Yourself a Superior Quality of Life

Life moves at lightning speed. That's why you need to act before it's too late! To install dental implants, you need bone. If you wait too long, there's a good chance you'll need a bone graft. I understand very well that it's never pleasant to undergo surgical intervention to address a major health issue. Let's be realistic! Standard dental prostheses can no longer be the right treatment plan when you suffer from advanced bone atrophy.

Dental Implants: The Best Solution

Dental implants restore the stability of natural teeth while preserving bone volume. They provide a solid and durable support for prostheses, installed once and for all! Only the prostheses need to be replaced. The procedure lasts less than an hour and is virtually painless. On the day the implants are installed, patients leave with their old prostheses adapted to the new gums and implants thanks to a temporary soft base. Thus, the patient is never without a prosthesis during the healing process.

Easy to maintain, dental implants truly represent the most current technology allowing patients to enjoy a greatly improved quality of life, being able to chew normally as if they had natural teeth.

Consequences of Inadequate Dentition

All edentulous individuals will agree that the bone in their lower jaw becomes thinner and thinner. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is continuous and inevitable. When bone resorption is advanced, the stability of prostheses can decrease by up to 85% since the loss of support surface (the gums) is no longer adequate. Thus, food is not sufficiently chewed, and this can affect the rest of the digestive tract (stomach ulcers, constipation, bloating, irritable colon, etc.). Moreover, poorly fitted dental prostheses can undermine the pleasure of eating well by preventing sufficient consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats, which can hinder the absorption of fibers, minerals, vitamins, and proteins necessary for good health. Most wearers of dental prostheses eat soft and depleted food, which can lead to an increase in body fat and a higher blood cholesterol level with all the health problems that ensue. Chronic nutritional deficiency in some boomers even increases the risks of cardiovascular diseases like hypertension and heart attacks by up to 10%. Over time, prostheses can also lead to premature aging and collapse of the face, accentuated by a projection of the chin towards the nose, resulting in a severe and unwelcoming appearance. In summary, a Japanese study conducted in 2001 concluded that there is a deterioration in general health among wearers of dental prostheses leading to premature death by six years.

Prothèses dentaires sur implants
Financement disponible


Because you have the right to access the best dental care possible, we offer several simple and quick financing solutions. Contact us now to find out how we have helped hundreds of people like you and how we can assist you. Get your smile back! We have a solution for you! Note that dental care is eligible for tax credits in both Quebec and Canada.

It is very important to us that our services are accessible to everyone because your health matters to us. We understand that the cost of dental prostheses, like everything else, has increased significantly in recent years. That is why in our denturology clinics (located in La Prairie and Longueuil) it is possible to finance the purchase of your new dental prostheses. We only finance precision dental prostheses and dental prostheses on implants.

An Investment in Your Health

A health loan allows you to invest in your health now and quickly benefit from the advantages related to the chosen treatment plan that suits you.

Our health loan offers the most competitive variable rate on the market. The amortization, up to 10 years, makes all treatments more accessible. The loan is open and can be repaid at any time without penalty. It can be easily obtained in less than 24 hours without you having to go to the bank. Monthly payments can, if you wish, be directly debited from your account, regardless of your banking institution. The amounts paid to a professional for dental care could even entitle you to a tax credit for medical expenses.

Very often patients think that good dental prostheses made by a qualified denturist do not justify the high costs charged. I completely agree that the price of dental prostheses has increased considerably and it is difficult to understand the reason for this increase. In fact, denturists now have to work with patients suffering from very advanced bone resorption which makes fitting the dental prostheses more difficult. We also have to use additional impression and articulation techniques if we want to meet our patients' expectations. It's normal to have high expectations but sometimes it's impossible to work miracles with standard dental prostheses. If you want to solve your edentation problem once and for all, you need to use dental implants that will be permanently installed and will only require annual maintenance at the dentist to clean them properly. Nowadays, it is possible for us to make your chewing much more pleasant since patients who opt for dental implants are no longer forced to eat what they "can" but rather what they "want".

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